UYAP Education

Basic Computing Training

For using UYAP application, totally 13.000 users, included judges, public prosecutors and court staff, have trained.


UYAP I Training

Within the scope of UYAP I application, administrators, councilors and staff  of the Central Organization of the Ministry of Justice have got training about their own modules and also common processes and document management system (VMS).


UYAP II Training

Version I: Within the scope of Version I Training totally 4921 staff have  14.989 daily application software training.

Version II: Class training carried out for user from Ankara and closer environs between 05 and 16 July 2004 in Ankara. On-the-spot training carried out in remote locations from Ankara during the transition.


Expert User Training

Year              Number Of Personnel Trained

2004              : 179

2005              : 367

2006              : 1.316

2007              : 727

2010              : 184

Total              : 2.773


Technical Office Training

To use the application software,developed within the scope of UYAP, in order to make their functional operations through the UYAP system and be able to support the unit, staff,selected from among the staff with adequate professional knowledge and normal computer use levels, were given expert training in Ankara. Upon successful completion of their training, staff entitled to expert user certificate.

Year              Number Of Personnel Trained

2004              : 126

2005              : 204

2006              174

2007              184

2008             220

Total             908


UYAP In-service Training

With this training, it is aimed that technical office staff can do maintenance of the deployed hardware and the established computer network, and take the necessary interventionsto the malfunctions, and also gain technical knowledge and develop their practical works and intended to give the required coordination with IT Department if needed. Upon successful completion of their training staff, they have gained the right to receive a certificate of participation.

Year               Number Of Personnel Trained

2011               207

2012               128

2014               36

Toplam           371


UYAP Seminars for Justice Inspectors

Part of our dissemination activities within the scope of UYAP, our IT department organises in-service training program.

26 Justice Inspector from Inspection Board Chairman were trained in Ankara courthouse :

Chief Prosecutor training on 02.02.2005,

Criminal court training on 03.02.2005,

The execution of operations training on 04.02.2005,

Law courts and execution offices training on 07.02.2005.

12 Justice Inspector from Inspection Board Chairman participated to the seminar in IT Department of Ministry of Justice about :

Chief Prosecutor training on 06.12.2006,

Law courts training on 07.12.2006,

Administrative Affairs training on 11.12.2006,

Commission training on 12.12.2006,

Prison and detention House training on 13.12.2006,

Courts of the execution on 14.12.2006.


UYAP Seminars for Lawyers

Total of 2111 lawyer has been given UYAP seminar.

575 lawyer,registered to the Ankara Bar Association ,on May 13, 2005 and July 25, 2005,

1300 lawyer,registered to the İzmir Bar Association ,on 8 – 15 June, 2005,

175 lawyer,registered to the İstanbul Bar Association ,on 11 – 17 July, 2005,

14 lawyer,registered to the Tokat Bar Association ,on 26 August, 2005,

35 lawyer,registered to the Karaman Bar Association ,on 6 September, 2005,

12 lawyer,registered to the Ünye Bar Association ,on 20 September, 2005,


UYAP Training in Ankara University, İstanbul University and Justice Academy

UYAP and basic computer lesson has been teached to the judge and prosecutors studying at the Academy of Justice candidates since 2000, to the Ankara University, Faculty of law Justice vocational school students since 2005, to the İstanbul University, Faculty of law Justice vocational school students since 2006.


Promotion Training

Department of Education provides “UYAP and Computer” training for the cadres of the Ministry's Central and provincial in promoting training.


Awards Given to the Successful Staff 

Because of their success in using their application UYAP software, 416 staff were awarded with certificate of appreciation, 101 staff were awarded with certificate of achievement and 58 staff were awarded with salary award.

Ministry of Justice, Department of Information Technologies | 2015