UYAP I Project aims to put all the judiciary and judicial support activities of the Ministry of Justice’s central organization and its affiliated units into automation quickly and effectively. In this context, the central organization’s on-site structured cabling and installation of network devices in six buildings was completed.

The 23 ministry units’ analysis work done, that analysis in preparation for its activities in accordance with the software encoding System Design work is carried out.

On 28th September 2000, the Ministry of Justice's central automation project UYAP I. has started and on 31th December 2001 the software was developed and started to take into operation. Web-based software was developed for 33 subsystems. The paperwork flow of document management systems (DMS) taken with the electronic media. Instant access to the law, directive, circular and formed bank information has been established with UYAP Databank. Virtual discussion has been prepared. Currently, all of these applications are still under warranty service. The VPN is established with provincial access infrastructure. 2,500 staff trained application and document management system (DMS).

  UYAP I’s Objective

With the realization of the UYAP I project, central organization of the Ministry of Justice’s all kinds of data information and document flow with document management is provided through the national judicial network. Central and provincial organizations with rapid and healthy access to information are provided in the collection of data in a single center. Unit activities in a particular sequence by advancing units provided cross-integration. Data and information on the differences again occurred between the units is prevented. The central unit of the Ministry of justice within the scope of UYAP I project with the judge and Prosecutor training center has been working with the candidates. The objectives of UYAP are:

  • The Ministry of justice the Central Organization and its affiliates with the help of computer in daily trading and corresponding,
  • To start tracking All of the data on the databases with establishing computer network (network),
  • To be monitored information  of the Ministry of Justice, the Central Organization for all personnel, finance, procurement, material information, and prisons,
  • The Ministry of justice the Central Organization in all kinds of internal and external correspondence electronically.

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UYAP project aims to put all units of the judiciary and judicial support into quickly and effectively automation of activities in the provincial organization. The project is divided into specific stages in accordance with the requirements of our provincial administrations and has been named by the letters according to this stage.

UYAP II’s Objective

  • Quickly and effectively in automating all units of the judiciary and judicial support activities in the provincial offices,
  • Ensuring the data exchange with needed external systems integration,
  • All correspondence and communication is done electronically,
  • Can be viewed electronically since the preparation of the case until the end.

With The Ministry of Justice’s project UYAP II, fewer bugs in provincial process, easy access to information, active and integrated processes, document management, communication and sharing in electronic correspondence, and incoming-outgoing documents and templates, standard document, the up to date production of correct statistics and reports, exchange of information with other institutions with quick and efficient in electronic form will be provided.

 With UYAP II project, internet access, virtual discussion environment, electronic mail, data security, only once data entry into the system, possibility to use a digital signature, judges and prosecutors’ access to files within the powers of the Court, judges and prosecutors from outside access, precedent decisions, laws, legislation use of the database of information and documents are provided. And also easy access to documents archive system, adaption to the changing laws and regulations, alerts and reports, access to the case files from the bureau of lawyers, quicker and effective distribution operations, automation, mortar and other calculations, actively monitoring and management dozens of detainees and convicts will be provided.

With UYAP Project,  trials procedure and minimize financial mistakes to be minimized, crimes against the person of all forensic units become visible, access to criminal, identity and address information, automatic end-of-year cycle operations will be done easily.



The provincial units of Ministry of Justice requirements and process analysis have been made and the analysis report has been prepared. According to this analysis report, the overall system architecture is prepared, structured cabling and installation of PC and peripherals are done for the 31 provincial units.

The project started in August 2001 and was completed in December 2001. In this context 31 provincial units operation got into automation system.




As a provincial units automation UYAP II-C project, covers activities mentioned in the organizational context where software, hardware, wide area network covers activities such as structured cabling and static uninterruptible power supply. In this context, Central System was established for the implementation of the software UYAP to serve 70 000 people in Ankara and also Emergency Rescue Center for 10 000 users is installed. The necessary equipment for the establishment of a technical infrastructure for UYAP applications to 70,000 users are provided and technical offices in all criminal centers in order to ensure the continuation of these activities has been established. In 220 units, UYAP System Center (WAN) has been established. In this unit, it was aimed that internet, e-mail and can be used over the UYAP application center system. This Central System serves to 30,000 Ministry of Justice staff, 40.000 lawyers and citizens over the Internet. Disaster Center (Emergency Centre) was established in case of the event of a disaster will be activated.

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With the aim of the expanding serve for 10,000 users to 30,000 internal users, external users of 40 thousands (Lawyer), UYAP II-F system established under the project UYAP II-C and project continues. Within the scope of the project; in order to use of the software by 13000 users including the judge and prosecutors has been trained, 5344 users has been trained in specialized software for the Central Organization and 40 provincial units and UYAP expert user training is given. Furthermore, the technical office of the provincial units with 500 staff has been trained and 27 Justice Inspector has been trained. 1710 staff have been trained for be able to use the application software and also be able to support in their unit's functional processes on the system.

In addition; under the project, 88 Criminal Centers, 2 Courts, 5 Prosecutor offices tasked with 250. Article of the law CMK, 19 regional administrative courts, 9 prisons, 6 Forensic Agency, 2 Justice vocational high schools, 2 magisterial Houses, and 2 social facilities for a total of 75 units put into automation.

Within the scope of the Project, activation of 28 units (criminal courts., regional administrative courts.) with 10 desktop computers, 5 laptops have been done and they were added to the network domain and the scope of the dissemination work expert users have been trained for the aim to support other users in their courthouses.

In order to reach a more efficient way to the trainings, distance learning activities (e-learning) started within the UYAP-II F project.

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Ministry of Justice, Department of Information Technologies | 2015