Citizen portal benefits citizens with electronically access to execution offices, all judicial and administrative courts. This service is provided by the Ministry of Justice. Citizen Information System was developed with the aim of quick access to justice andgetting the best use of judicial services. Citizens can connect the portal via the internet with using their e-government password, e-signature or mobile signature. Citizens can follow all of their own national cases. Citizens who have not e-signature or mobile signature can access portal with only e-government password and follow the main phases (cause of case, value of the claim, parties, phase of case, hearing dates, supreme court phases etc.) of their own cases which are currently pending.



Lawyers can open online case and online enforcement proceedings (e-tracking) via UYAP by connecting with e-signature, mobile signature or e-government and on-line connecting during office hours. Lawyers can view their open and closed cases with procuration intra vires. Lawyers can also view the other cases without procuration by getting approval from the authorized judge. Lawyers can electronically take a copy of case files, commit e-signed documents (bill of alibis, response, procuration etc.) to the cases, access the phases, view the hearing dates, and electronically pay the fee and the expenses. Lawyers can also subscribe to the SMS information system for instantly information from their cases. Lawyers can also question the debtor‘s MERNIS address in the executive offices by paying deposit with their barcard or Vakıfbank account. From the Transactions menu, the lawyers can follow their approval requests of online examination of the case file and the submitted documents.



UYAP Institution Portal Information System is a service offered by the Ministry of Justice for both the public and private institutions. Via the Institution Portal, institutions can online follow their case files that are closed or pending in judicial and administrative courts and execution offices. UYAP Institution Portal Information System provides access to justice via more efficient ways by eliminating the time, labor and overtime costs for going to the courthouse to get information about the case file. With Institution Portal, legal deadlines can be identified easily and accurately, conclusions can be in a shorter time, the court's work can be in order and under supervision and thus prevent the possible loss of rights and the occurrence of undue grievances.



Expert Portal is a service provided by the Ministry of Justice for the experts who are working on a judicial case files. With this service experts can electronically follow their files without going to courts.



Ministry of Justice has signed a cooperation protocol with AVEA, VODOFONE, TURK TELEKOM and TURKCELL to be sent court decisions and other judicial proceedings information via SMS to the mobile phones of the relevant people. As a mobile complement of The National Judicial Network Project (UYAP), UYAP SMS Information is for both lawyers and citizens. UYAP SMS System’s subscribers can be notified about new cases, new executive proceedings and hearing date without going to courts. SMS Information System can present the information about the other portals (Justice Portal, Citizens Portal and etc.) and also notifications, information, data and announcements concerning about appointments and displacements.



e-Sales Portal is a service for the enforcement and bankruptcy offices to publish the bids according to the provisions of the 2004 Numbered Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act and to offer by electronic deposit collateral to the bid. Bankruptcy and insolvency departments of the foreclosure sale process, which is combined with technology has become an indispensable part of our lives is intended to be made of the sales process in more transparent environment. Sales flyers can be viewed electronically until the day of the sale and thus to participate in executive contracts with more participant subject to find the true value of goods will be provided. People are able to follow the sales even far away from their locations, with this service it is aimed that short, independent of time and place offers to executive tender without going to the executive offices . Transparent executive office at auction environment will further increase confidence in the judiciary by providing and will reinforce restoring the people's rights via judgment channel.



It is a is a system that allows the public prosecutor's office or the courts of judicial courts located outside the framework or set of persons that cannot be found (suspected, defendant, witness, the complainant, involved etc.) to make and record through the video conference. Eliminating the restrictions on the use of space-time, Video Conference System enables instant communication anytime with any province established the defendants and witnesses.



e-Ads is an e-government application that provides publishing of judicial units’ information and documents, required to be publish in accordance with the legislation, over the internet. The judicial decisions that need to be published in the local or national newspaper are not always accessible for the targeted users. Because citizens can not follow all the newspaper ads and it is not possible to access these ads after the date of publication. This situation will give rise a serious disadvantage for institutions and people that are affected by the legal consequences. Any of the parties do not charged for the e-ads and this service fulfilled with free of charge. Ads may be publicized by courts, commissions, executive offices and sales offices. Via the e-Ads service, the advertisements of the tender can be seen online by everybody, and thus to participate in tenders with more participant and to find the true value of goods will be provided. Legal consequences against people can be result of judicial and executive decisions because of unawareness of ads. Also participation in tenders with more participant resulted the true value of goods provides from missing rights of the borrowers.



Police portal is still being developed in software works and is being carried out with police departments. Police Portal is presented directly through UYAP Informatics screens. Police departments can transferred all criminal cases to the UYAP system directly. When the process is complete, after being signed by electronic signature, related task will be directly added to the relevant prosecutor's task list. Thus the investigation process is accelerated and the work load of the judicial units will be lightened. It is because the whole process is transferred to electronic media, the personal information of parties is entered to the system by the police and also the necessary physical documents are scanned by the police department. In this way, all correspondence between the police and judicial units will be performed to the electronic environment any more. The investigation process will be accelerated. The whole process will be done electronically and the work load of the judicial units will be lightened.



Users can access directly to the UYAP applications, Distance Learning, Help Desk, Data Bank, E-Mail and Op-ed Page, E-Signature and Information Security website via e-Justice Portal that is the main and single entrance to the UYAP system. At the same time e-justice portal is also used to inform on issues such as maintenance announcements and updates. The expert lists, sun bajarias hours, weather forecasts, interest rates, etc. information are published in portal. UYAP Portal is constantly updated and users is customized according to the authority, duties and responsibilities.



Online vehicle deprivation system is a part of the "e-Government" system and it makes the judicial system more effective and efficient. It is a police automation system established as a mutual integration between judicial and auxiliary units. It provides instant electronic transaction for all kinds of vehicle deprivation (capture, sequestration, sequestration, injunction, etc.) Sharing information among judicial units is indispensable, and also with many institutions which do not perform judicial function. The basic functions of e-government can be summed up as government-citizens, government-private institutions, government-government relations. Because of these relations with all units and citizens, government must also be in interaction with other governmental units. Most of the time judicial and auxiliary units need to add measures on the registration of motor vehicles to protect the interests of the party claiming to be right. Registration of motor vehicles in Turkey is held by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Police Department’s concerned traffic unit. Before the use of this system any measures related to the commentary was send by the judicial and the auxiliary units via e-mail and police officer added commentary to the record manually. Parallel to the technological and economic developments in vehicle deprivation for processing the intensity of the next year is taken into account much more could be increased, easier benefiting from the present computer technology this process, reliable, and accurate way done, effort and acceleration of the process by providing save time, paperwork prevention, measures taken to correct use of the national wealth and the establishment of UYAP-POLNET integration has become a necessity.



The influence of today's social networking network communication in parallel with the development and changes in the concept of Justice Employees personal and administrative communication, information and file sharing are in a secure environment, designed to enable them to follow them, Messenger application is developed. Situations that require the implementation of this Project are: Employees in work-related topics communicate with each other by phone, for situations where the document sharing between those who in the same courthouse, fax use between those who in different courthouses. Because of aiming both to cut costs and make the most effective use of time, it is considered necessary to perform this communication in a safer environment. For this purpose, spread in court with UYAP advantage of the computer network and most efficient use of employees more easily with each other, it is intended to establish free of charge and secure communications. Employees as well as communicate easily and share file with each other using the existing network resources. Messenger software is an open source program and not be paid extra money for it. Due to open source it ensures the highest level of security.



This system is developed for the purpose of using the mobile phone, as the most inexpensive and common technologies, to provide the mobility and to make police departments instantly accessed to all the capture and arrest warrant. And with this system all mobile police units were included to the network without the need to hand-held terminals. MABS project allows to the police working as a mobile (sea border or mobile teams) law enforcement to make inquiry in a secure way on UYAP via mobile phones without an investment. For the fulfillment of the capture and arrest warrants decisions issued by the judicial units are delivered by mail until 11.08.2008. Therefore seriously mail expense, personnel expenses for inputting data to the new police system and significant loss of rights or the abuses were taking place. To eliminate all these problems and also eliminate the paperwork flow between police units and UYAP and also to allow immediate access to the given capture and arrest warrant put into use with this mobile system.


Ministry of Justice, Department of Information Technologies | 2015