UYAP consists of these sub-systems:

  • Penal Law System , Civil Law System
  • Administrative Law System
  • Public Prosecutors Services System
  • Court of Cassation System
  • Probation System (have been producing)
  • Verdict Support System
  • Lawyer  Information System
  • Enforcement-Bankruptcy System
  • Convict-Arrest Management System
  • Citizen Information System 
  • Personal Management System, Financial and supply Management System
  • Training Management System
  • Document Management System
  • Forensic Medicine System
  • General Support System



Computer                                                    : 33.819

Laser printer                                               : 18.423

Uninterruptible power supply                  : 6.140

Laptop                                                          : 11.904

Laptop printer                                             : 2.800

Color Printer                                               : 418

Scanner                                                       : 5.467



All judiciary units were connected with each other via sole central network. This connection was provided through territorial lines and satellite. These connection types are the substitutes for each other. Cable was laid in 807 units to deliver 45.778 connection points across Turkey. There are 35.298 activated users in the domain. Satellite devices were set up in 643 units in order to ensure continious connection .



Creating a Databank: Judges and prosecutors are given opportunity to reach updated legal sources on line by using databank. Namely, legislation, regulations, circulars, template texts, holding of the courts, jurisprudence, Circulars, Studies, examplary texts, template texts, sample decisions .

  • Legislation
  • Directives
  • Sentences
  • Case law
  • Judicial essays
  • Template texts
  • Circulars etc.


UYAP’S Web Mail Server

UYAP’S Web Mail Server Has 55.000 active USERS. The capacity of the server is 90.000. By means of virtual discussion forums within judicial organization about jurisprudence is in place, information sharing is enabled. Every user can share own experiences, problems and ideas with other users via free lectern and he can ask his occupational questions to others, he can find solutions for his problems.



In establishment of the system centre, magnitude of the system, the speed of technological change,  targets for the system upgrade, processes of guarantee for the system, costs of the the services and maintenance after guarantee have been taken into account.  It is the unique in the judiciary world in europe in terms of capacity and capability according to IBM AND ORACLE which are the experts in this area. The capacity of the centre is sufficient for more than seventy thousand users and it can be upgraded when needed.



  • All over the Turkey, 134 Heavy Penal Court Centres, 25 Administrative Regional Courts, 575 small county courts and the Penitentiary and Detention Houses have been rolled out until now. All of the judicial units and agencies make use of ICT in their daily processes.
  • There are currently 47.439 users (judges, prosecutors and other staff) doing their all judicious job by using system and this number has been rising day by day.
  • All units have carried out their all processes via UYAP from the beginning of dissemiation (26.04.2004) and documents and 57.240.073 files have been entered via UYAP until now. In all of the units taken into operation, nearly more than 1.000.000 new documents are being entered to the system every day.
  • The number of documents has been exceeded more than 10 billion and nearly 200.000 new files are being added everyday.
  • The number of e mail account is 90.000 and there 55.000 active e mail users in the system and 250.000 e mails are being processed everyday.
  • 37.710 lawyers have been registered to lawyer’s portal using this system actively.



Contractor of the UYAP, HAVELSAN has the following Quality Certificates and implemented them in UYAP system:

  • SW CMM (Software Capability Maturity Model) Level 3 Certificate
  • TS-EN-ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate;
  • AQAP-150 NATO Quality Assurance Certificate for Software
  • AQAP-110 NATO Quality Assurance Certificate for Design, Development and Production.Besides, HAVELSAN has the NATO Secret and National Secret Facility Security Certificates, that are mandatory for the defense companies in Turkey.
  • In additional these certificates MoJ want to obtain soonest for UYAP ISO 17799 Standard and ISO/IEC 15408 CC Standard. Therefore MoJ is in preparation
  • In UYAP SSL security structure and diigital signature are used. Therefore, electronic sign has been implemented in recent days and online case have just began. For the item privacy articles on protection of the private data have been included in the new Turkish Penal Code. Moreover a firewall has been installed to the central system against viruses and other attacks for the benefit of users. Furthermore antivirus programmes have been installed to the users computers and to the servers.



  • In UYAP, the Java programming language has been used. Because MoJ has decided that java programming language is mature, robust, and versatile. According to our technical staff, as generally accepted, Java programming language technology has become in allowing developers to:
  • Write software on one platform and run it on practically any other platform
  • Create programs to run within a web browser and web services
  • Develop server-side applications for online forums, stores, polls, HTML forms processing, and more
  • Combine Java technology-based applications or services to create highly customized applications or services
  • Write powerful and efficient applications for low-cost consumer products, and practically any device with a digital heartbeat
  • Copyright of the software of UYAP is belonging to MoJ.



UYAP have central filing system. Structure is central.All servers are in Ankara. All data flow in to central units. That provide (money) saving, hardware saving and personnel saving. We offer not federal system. Forasmuch as that need more money, hardware and personel. Data standards and data standardization to improve data quality and to enable reliable operational and management reporting. All of the data are processed to the UYAP database momentary. Thus all of the data are integrated, factual, reliable and current. The Software was designed in complete flexibility to enable the convenient usage in all courthouses whatever the size, type of work or intensity may be. Data repository and migration will be only in one system for that reason will not be data confusion and duplications



In UYAP it was planned to set up integration with the other related public institution and organizations in the extent of project. In this extent first of all, integration was provided with the MERNIS and Record of Convictions Database and it was made certain for our users to give opportunity of cross examination of identity and criminal records in seconds. These integration continued with the other Projects such as POLNET (Police, Gendarmerie) and TAKBIS (Land Registry). Driver’s license and land registries can be interrogated by judges during the hearing instantly. Prosecutors also can cross-examine the driver’s license and land registries according to their limited authority. On the other hand posts can be followed up by courts users instantly. System has integration between Post Information System. Besides arrest warrants in default can be pursued by courts automatically and online. When system determined a sentence in absentia then alerts the users in the instant and due notice is under way.

Ministry of Justice, Department of Information Technologies | 2015