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The project was started in 2000 and it was completed by the end of 2007. UYAP has been planned in two phases:

 First, the central organization in Ankara: The first phase’s objective is automating the procedures of the central organization of the Ministry and its subordinate units. This stage has been completed in 2002.

Second, the countrywide organization Automation of the UYAP Provincial Units: Second phase of the project was finalized by the end of 2007. All of the judicial units and agencies make use of ICT in their daily processes. All the judiciary processes, transactions and trials transmitted to electronic environment .

UYAP not only Integrated judicial institutions with each other but also with concerned institutions. So it is possible to reach every kind of information which is needed during processes. In the files criminal records have been accessed online and  current. The judicial record database has been integrated with  database of UYAP. The birth certificate registrations can also be accessed online and current by the courts and proceture's offices. All cases in courts can be accessible on line by judges. Land Registries and driver registers can be retrieved instantly at the beginning of the trials.

           The most of the provinces were rolled out by the contractor company HAVELSAN, namely 120 heavy criminal court centre , and the remaining central units were rolled out by the staff of the Ministry of Justice. Apart from central courthouses Turkey has 577 small county courthouse and all of them were rolled out by the expert users of central courts who were trained for this process.


  1. In2006 and  2007, nearly 2000  personnel from central courts of Turkey were trained (training of the trainers) in order to roll out  county units. The personnel of small county courthouses were trained by these expert users. Small county courts were rolled out by the central court expert users who were completely allocated to  UYAP . As supportive and help desk  personnel , these expert users solve the problems immediately that they encounter in the courts and give training to the other staff.   Namely in provincial units IT department has nearly 400 technical supportive staff, 350 software support staff in order to provide assistance nearly 10.000 judges and prosecutors and 40.000 other staff.
  1. All over the Turkey, all Heavy  Penal Court Centres, Administrative Regional Courts, all small county courts and all of the Penitentiary and Detention Houses have been rolled out until now . All units in the ministry of justice make use of UYAP in all their daily job.
  2. All over the Turkey, 133 Heavy Penal Court Centres, 25 Administrative Regional Courts, 575 small county courts and the Penitentiary and Detention Houses have been rolled out until now. All of the judicial units and agencies make use of ICT in their daily processes.
  3. There are currently 47.439 users (judges, prosecutors and other staff) doing their all judicious job by using system and this number has been rising day by day.
  4. All units have carried out their all processes via UYAP from the beginning of dissemiation  (26.04.2004) and documents and 57.240.073 files have been entered via UYAP until now. In all of the units taken into operation, nearly more than 1.000.000 new documents are being entered to the system every day.
  5. The number of documents has been exceeded more than 10 billion and nearly 200.000 new files are being added everyday
  6. The number of e mail account is 90.000 and there 55.000 active e mail users in the system and 250.000 e mails are being processed everyday .
  7. 37.710 lawyers have been registered to lawyer’s portal using this system actively.

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