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Brasil delegation visits IT Department of Turkish Ministry of Justice in order to explore National Judiciary Informatic System (UYAP) applications on 28 September 2011. Delegation is welcome and preliminary information about UYAP is given by Judge Mesut ORTA (President of IT Department).
A meeting is hold on details of UYAP and further information is given to delegation about UYAP’s contributions and benefits to judicial system, gains of lawyer portal and citizen portal for lawyers and citizens, UYAP SMS informatic system and other functions of this system.
Delegation visits IT Department building and UYAP system room to be given further information on site about implementation.
Delegation members state that they are quite impressed because of UYAP informatic system covering integrated all judicial units, informatic systems are not integrated like UYAP and it leads some difficulties in their country, UYAP system is a perfect sample for e-justice system and they are glad Presidency of IT Department to be given information.

Brasil Delegation;

1- Francisco Novello
2- Arnoldo Silveria
3- Rafael Pacheco
4- Tatiana Erhardt
5- Roberto Alfaia
6- Tuna Güçdemir
7- Lilian C.B. Duarte




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