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Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS)

It is stated that one of the mission of Turkish Ministry of Justice is the establishing and organizing the courts provided for by the laws; planning, establishing any kind of judiciary institutions in every level such as penitentiary and correction institutions, execution and bankruptcy offices and supervising, inspecting and developing these institution with regard to their administrative duties.

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“UK’s Justice Secretary Jack Straw’s comments about UYAP”

There is much we have and continue to learn from you. For instance, in respect of the excellent IT system being used in your courts, of which a delegation from my Ministry of Justice was exceedingly jealous.

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UYAP News On The Internet


Turkish Ministry of Justice Trusts Enterasys to Prioritize and Secure Nationwide e-Justice System

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Version 8.0 UYAP legislation programme enables automatic update as soon as laws are enacted and published in official gazete

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The Integration Has Been Completed With The Adress Register Database

Thanks to this integration , all judicial units can access the adress information of parties via UYAP by entering citizens ID number. This facility has removed one of the most important obstacles that causes delays in justice.


Better Access to justice observation report

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Legislation Program for Mobile Phones (Turkish)

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